Branda- Short form of Brand Authenticity, was established in 2019 by co-founder Olawale Ismail following his attendance at a business expo event in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. The expo focused on the technological requirements and significant challenges faced by numerous brands in Nigeria, including SMEs, startups, and established multinational companies.

During the event, a multinational company revealed that their biggest obstacle to growth was finding a competent branding agency within Nigeria.

This resonated with Olawale Ismail, who had faced similar issues in the past. Inspired by this revelation, he conducted a survey within the summit to explore the branding-related problems encountered by new founders, startups, and established businesses.

The survey highlighted a common core issue among diverse businesses operating in different industries—the struggle to find a reliable branding agency capable of meeting their specific needs.

Various founders shared their challenges, such as a fashion designer and eCommerce platform struggling to locate a vendor or agency capable of producing well-packaged delivery boxes or nylons and promotional cards.

Similarly, a fintech payment platform encountered difficulties acquiring custom-made branded envelopes, letterhead papers, hoodies, and joggers for their VIP clients.
Additionally, an hospital in Abuja faced exorbitant rates and prolonged stays in hotels when attempting to mass-produce business cards and mugs in Lagos.

The survey encompassed over 85% of the companies present at the expo, revealing the widespread branding headaches experienced by brands.

This highlighted the necessity for a comprehensive platform that could cater to various branding requirements, including website development, workspace development, printable clothing, promotional materials, media coverage, and more, within Nigeria.

Unfortunately, the existing printing companies either proved costly or limited their services to specific branding types. Consequently, clients were forced to engage incompetent agencies for their additional branding needs, resulting in financial losses and wasted time.

Recognizing this gap in the market,

Branda was founded.
At Branda, their primary objective is to become the sole and most dependable branding partner that clients will ever require.

Our promise

To build the most relaiable all in one branding platform for brands with no limits in Africa, starting from Nigeria.

We will always keep researching, running surveys, constantly improving our platforms to make your branding experience exclusive, seemless & better than the previous.

From free consultation to progressively developing a subscription based branding service and builiding the biggest plain and brandable promotional material platform in Nigeria to innovative tech features, even if it hasn’t been done before, we find a way to do it anyway.

We are committed to continually raising the bar until this vision is realized.